Our services include building design and architectural drafting for both Planning Permit and Full Development Permit applications inclusive of all design and documentation stages. Services are provided for all types of projects within the residential and light commercial construction sectors. Subject to the requirements of your project, we are also able to provide/complete:

Coast n Country Building Design
  • On site Consultations
  • Site feasibility (E.g. Site potential re the number of units/dwellings)
  • Environmental Design
  • Energy Efficiency Designs
  • Development Plans/Elevations
  • Working Drawings/Construction Plans Drawings

Past And Present Projects Include:

  • New Homes up to 3 Storey
  • Additions/Renovations (to homes or offices etc) including carports, pergolas
  • Unit Developments (single/multiple)
  • Marina Town Houses
  • Additions to Childcare Centers
  • Animal Boarding Kennel
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